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Women’s Financial Connection

Connecting Women and Girls to Financial Literacy and

Women in Finance Services (FS)

Target area:  Texas Hill Country area surrounding Kerrville and Fredericksburg TX

Clients:  Women ages 16 and up

For target area connecting women to:


Financial Freedom Party for Women® (FFP) educational parties and personal financial analysis/ accountability process


Women financial services professionals in disciplines such as investing, insurance, debt management, mortgages (purchase and reverse mortgages), legal services, income management, and others based on needs of partygoers.



Living room like space with overstuffed furniture to hold parties for 5-10 women per party,

Goal:  One party a week or 520 partygoers a year


Area for additional FS speakers on specific topics, 5-10 attendees per session.

Goal:  Two speakers a month with total attendees of 250 per year.


Private room(s) for meetings with women who have attended a party and completed the FFP workbook and want to consults with a FS professional on a specific subject.


Virtual Space through Blog and Website will be created for local and worldwide use.



Trained and certified FFP women facilitators who are paid for leading a party.


Trained and certified FFP volunteers to be added later.


FS professionals to present seminars on other topics who will be paid.


Financial Advisors

Investment Brokers

Life Insurance Agents

Disability Insurance Agents

Long Term Care Insurance Agents

Debt Management Counselors

Property and Casualty Ins. Agents

Health Care Insurance Agents

Legal Services

Identity Theft Prevention and Recovery

Reverse Mortgage Specialists

Mortgage Specialists

Banking Specialists

Education Planning Specialists

Others as determined by needs of party goers

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