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Girls, Women, and Financial Literacy

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

We have launched a CrowdRise fund raising campaign. If you aren't familiar with the name you may be familiar with Go Fund Me.

CrowdRise is part of the Go Fund Me company, but is for non-profits, rather than individuals.

Debra selected CrowdRise in hopes that with some basic financial information, the need to assist people with funds during times of personal, financial, and emotional assistance in times of need will decrease. How many times have we been asked to give, and/or given in the event of deaths, illnesses, and other very difficult situations which result in the need for short-term to long-term financial assistance? Sometimes a life insurance policy in place or some other form of financial savvy makes the difference between being okay and getting by, and being unwillingly pushed into financial insecurity.

Please check out what we have to say. The video is designed to share a little about what financial literacy is, let you know that the number of female financial advisors/brokers is not not what is should and could be, and how we are seeking a rather modest amount of money to close the financial literacy gap for girls and women.

Help us help others by sharing

with your friends. Information is powerful and learning the basics can actually be easy and fun.

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