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Women’s Financial Connection
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Financial Literacy and Life Skills for Women and Girls


A Fun Learning Process

Gathering in Comfortable Places or Through Social Media

A Way to Connect with Other Women and Girls

A Process to Put Financial Literacy into Personal Action

  • The Women in America report, collaboration between the White House Council on Women and Girls, the Office of Management and Budget, and the Department of Commerce, found that women are particularly vulnerable to financial insecurity.  Although working women account for a larger share of family earnings, pay disparities between men and women persist.  In fact, studies show that even after accounting for factors such as education or time spent away from the labor force, women still earn less than men.


  • These disparities add up over time.  As a result, women often receive smaller social security payments decades later, and have less financial resources to build retirement savings in 40l(k) or IRA accounts.  At the same time, because women tend to live longer than men, they have to save more for retirement.  The average woman has less money and therefore needs more savings than her male counterpart.  Women also control the majority of household consumer spending.  This means that for today’s women and girls, financial literacy is essential.


  • In recent surveys, two out of every three women say that they feel they have little knowledge of financial products and services.  These women are less able to plan for retirement, less able to save for their children’s educations, and are more likely to fall victim to deceptive, abusive, or predatory financial practices.



Source:  April 29, 2011, Valerie Jarrett,

Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls

Why Financial Literacy Matters for Women and Girls
Our Solution For Women and Girls
  • Connect girls and women in a relationship based financial education process, The Financial Freedom Party for Women ®.


  • Create a connection in physical space or through social media which is comfortable, inviting and not intimidating.Become known as a gathering point for financial education and a credible resource for connections with women in the financial services industry.This would be a place where women and girls feel safe, learn together, and then have individual appointments with financial services professionals as needed.


  • Build on those relationships and connect with other women who are service providers of financial services solutions and products.


  • Teach middle and high school girls life skills and basics of financial management to:


  •     Encourage them to graduate from high school.

  •     Teach them tools to make decisions to avoid teen pregnancy.

  •     Show them the value of seeking employment and/or starting businesses.

  •     Create a foundation so they can live more emotionally and financially successful lives than their  
        circumstance would normally dictate.

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